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When you are unable to achieve and maintain a good penile erection at the time of sexual intimacy, then it is termed as erectile dysfunction. It occurs due to decreased flow of blood in the penile area. The reason can be physical complications or psychological conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc. This problem is experienced mostly after 40 years of age. The superb medicine which can help you to overcome this problem is Stendra 20 mg.

What is Stendra:

Avanafil Stendra generic medication is used for the treatment of erectile failure which is also named as impotence. The smooth muscles which are present in the walls of the blood vessels are relaxed with the help of this medicine. With this medication, increased amount of blood is passed in the penile section. Due to this, you achieve a fantastic erection which will make your partner go crazy for you.

Side effects which need physician consultation:

Normally the side effects of Stendra pills are very common like headache, dizziness, muscle pain, etc. But in some conditions you need to consult your physician as soon as possible. These conditions are painful and prolonged erection lasting for about more than 5 hours, hearing impairment, loss of vision.

Some crucial points:

  • This medicine does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.
  • No habit forming tendencies of this medicine have been reported till date as it is meant to be taken only when you want to enjoy sex with your partner.
  • You should be very cautious while taking this medicine if you have physical deformity of the penis. Consultation with a doctor is must in this situation.
  • The risk of side effects is very high elderly patients, smokers, patients suffering from heart, liver or kidney diseases and high blood pressure patients.
  • This medicine is not meant to be taken by females.

Missed dose and overdose:

The chances of missing a dose are very less as it is meant to be taken only when you want to have sex. You can take the missed dose as soon as you remember and can delay your sex session accordingly.

In case of an overdose, contact your doctor or seek an emergency medical treatment immediately.

Possible interactions:

  • Consumption of alcohol must be avoided due to increased risk of severe side effects like fainting, changes in heart rate, etc,
  • Stendra should not be taken if you are consuming certain other drugs like Fluconazole, Nitroglycerine, Ramipril, Diltiazem, Erythromycin, etc.

Instructions for consuming Avana:

  • Always take it exactly as directed by your doctor.
  • Never take the dosage in smaller or larger quantities than you are advised to.
  • Take it at least 30-50 minutes prior physical intercourse.
  • This medicine does not work without sexual stimulation. So, you must be in a romantic mood if you want it to do wonders inside your body.
  • Always consume it with water as a whole as it is not meant to be broken, crushed or chewed.
  • It can be consumed with or without food.